Principal: Sean Healy -   | Assistant Principal: Meghan Jinguji -

Math Lab                      
Math Lab is a "Math Specific" study hall that is led by our Math teachers. Students are welcome to attend any Math Lab session.
Tuesday   7:00-7:45 AM    Rm C2
Wednesday   2:25-3:10 PM    Rm C3
Thursday  7:00-7:45 AM    RM C1
Study Hall                        
Study Hall will be held in the Library.
*Monday      1:20-2:20    
Tuesday-Thursday   2:20-3:20
 * This is a great place for our student athletes to go while waiting for their 2:20 practice.  

NO STUDY HALL: There will be no Study Hall on Wendesday, October 1.

NO SCHOOL: Due to Parent Teacher Conference, students will not have school on Thursday and Friday, October 2-3.  We do encourage you to bring your student to parent teacher conferences.

Parent Teacher Conferences: Conferences will be held next week on Thursday, October 2nd 10:00-5:00pm and Friday, October 3rd 7:30-2:30 in the multi-purpose room. Students do not have school on the conference days.

Conferences are on a drop in basis.  Upon your arrival, please fill out a sheet that indicates which teacher(s) you would like to meet with. Please note that scheduled conferences will have priority over drop in’s and may result in a wait. Students with a D or F will have a scheduled time mailed to them in advance.

We encourage students to attend and be involved in their education.  This is an opportunity for a student to hear what he/she can do to be successful. In addition, it would be beneficial to have students bring his/her backpack. The conferences will be 10 minutes and focused on student achievement!

Suggestions for a successful conference: Ask the teacher: 1. What are areas of strength within the subject matter and/or academic skills that the student possesses? 2. Are there any concerns with academic concepts, skills, and/or behaviors? 3. How can the student continue to challenge him/herself to achieve success in the class? 4. What resources and supports are available to the student in and outside of class? and 5. What can we do at home to support the student?

Online Grades & Acdemic Support: Please be sure that you are checking your students’ grades online. PowerSchool Login page: