Friday, August 29, 2014

Cavitt JHS is a College & Career Readiness School with a focus on

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics including Project Lead The Way curriculum for eighth graders.

Welcome to the 2014-15 School Year! 

Our office reopens on Thursday, July 31st.  Orientation for our 7th graders and New 8th Grade Students is on Tuesday, August 12th at 12:30. The first day of school is Wednesday, August 13th.  Students may be on-campus at 7:35 as class officially begins (promptly) at 7:50!  We are looking forward to seeing our returning and new students, until then, happy summer!  

We mailed home our Summer Mailer information on July 23rd, if you haven't received it yet, feel free to download a copy below.  See you soon! 

6th Grade Orientation

Thank you to the parents who joined us for 6th grade orientation!  If you missed it or want to review our PowerPoint, download it from the link below.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us!  Go Cowboys! 

Cavitt Junior High is proud to offer students Project Lead the Way and S.T.E.M. classes to ready them for their futures.  To learn more, see the information below!

Cavitt JHS is a school focused on Science, Technology and College Readiness
Dear Families,

We are proud and excited about our Science, Technology, Engineering and College and Career Readiness focus. As a staff we are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience that will ready your child(ren) for the 21st Century. We know that the courses we are offering and our expectations will ensure that graduates are ready for high school and beyond.  Read more...

Interested in having your child attend our Outstanding School?

We truly believe our environment, dedication to academic excellence and innovation will support your child's development in being ready for their future!  Eureka Union School District is accepting Interdistrict Transfer applications. Cavitt Junior High School has room for your child!  If you are interested in having your child attend, please begin the Interdistrict process in your current school district!  We hope to meet you soon!

Cavitt Junior High was recognized by the California Business Community for High Student Academic Achievement. Named Honor Roll "Scholar School" for 2013.

Congratulations to our STEM classes and the Stanley FatMax Robotics team!

This past Saturday, at William Jessup University, our students discussed their learning and their experiences in our STEM courses.  Stanley FatMax also demonstrated their robot to all of the visitors! The Cavitt students were AMAZING ambassadors for our school.  Mrs. Davis, Mr. Pozzi and I were very honored that these students joined us on a Saturday at the Placer County STEM Expo! Mrs. Davis and Mr. Pozzi will be discussing our STEM courses at our STEM OPEN HOUSE, at 6:30pm, which occurs before our General Open House on May 8th at 7:00pm! 

Interested in our 8th Project Lead The Way course?  Checkout our new  video which is linked below!  

Thanks for our STEM students Pilar P., Rebecca P., Jon F., Isabella B., and Jackson B. and to our Robotic team members Brian, Thomas, Rahul and Eddie who spent the day at William Jessup University!   

Cavitt JHS’s Academic Performance Index is 932*!


This is a 20 point increase from our API growth score last year! Cavitt JHS students continued to thrive last year – even though students throughout the state showed declining scores. We are very proud of our shared focus on meeting the needs of our diverse learners!  Our growth since the API base 2002 score is111 points!! 


We extend our congratulations to our students who have again proven their motivation to create successful futures for themselves! Congratulations should also be extended to our teachers and support staff as they implemented a new intervention period in 2012-2013, C-Period, as well as donated their lunchtimes to tutor students, supervise intramural sports and participate in extra-curricular spirit activities outside of their required instructional duties. 


Cavitt JHS is more than just a place of rigorous academic learning; it is a place for students to grow as well-rounded young people, towards their bright futures.  Again, congratulations to our students, families, faculty, support staff and community! Go Cowboys!

* API scores were updated 9/25/13.


“We Can’t Hide Our Cowboy Pride!”

Did you miss the discussions at our School Site Council Meeting and before our PTC meetings? No worries!  EUSD has a Common Core informational website that will provide you with additional information. 

The Cavitt Journalism Class has an online newspaper that is updated a couple of times a week with sports, news and editorial articles.

Read the latest issue here. Enjoy!  


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