Saturday, July 30, 2016


The EUSD vision and our Excelsior Core Beliefs can be seen in action each day at Excelsior, where we strive to provide all of our students with a dynamic education that focuses on important 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and character development.  As part of our district’s Challenge 21 initiative, the Excelsior staff provides students with meaningful, authentic opportunities to apply these important skills across content areas each day. 

We are also proud to continue offering a wide range of enrichment opportunities for our students - including band, choir, music, and foreign language classes - through the generous support of the Eureka Schools Foundation.  

Our district continues to implement the California Standards and we have set school-wide goals this year in both Mathematics and English/Language Arts in alignment with these standards.  We view each new school day as an opportunity to challenge our students as we prepare them for the future.

The high degree of success demonstrated by our students is the result of a collaborative focus on rigorous standards, and strong relationships among students, families, and school staff. We continue to welcome many new families to our school and our students enjoy the benefits of a tremendously supportive school community.  As you know, there are multiple opportunities for families to be involved in the educational process. Your support is critical to the success of our learners, and we continue to welcome your active participation.  Please look for information about our Parent Teacher Club, School Site Council, the Eureka Schools Foundation, and other ways of supporting your students and our school during the upcoming year.

By working together, we can ensure that this will be an exceptional year for the students at Excelsior!

Dr. Heidi Williams

Excelsior School Core Beliefs

Excelsior School is a safe, dynamic and engaging learning environment for all. 

Our student culture is one of respect, support and acceptance, creating a safe and positive climate in which to learn and play.

We are a staff that values support; we support our students, our families and each other.

Our work is centered around meeting the needs of our diverse student population and providing opportunities for students to be partners in their success.

We actively foster family and community involvement within our school in order to strengthen student learning.


Excelsior School is excited about our Read-a-Thon, which took place from September 8th through the 21st.  The Read-a-Thon is a great school-wide activity to engage all students, staff and families in reading, while raising funds to support all of the wonderful activities and incentives provided by our PTC for our students throughout the year.

To see how excited the Excelsior staff is about our Read-a-Thon, view the video below!

Grade Level Lists of Recommended School Supplies for 2016-2017